Like Love, Like Gold

by Kochari

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released December 26, 2012




Kochari Bristol, UK

My name is Dom and I like drinking tea and making music.

You're all lovely people and I appreciate you checking out my tunes.

Except you, you wanker.

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Track Name: The Cruise (Magnitude of Static)
i think that my favourite victory is the ability to feel
such a sincerity, its incredible
and if the cruise is anything
be it appreciation
be it a voyage
be it an adventure that leads back to ourselves
be it a cartwheel or a somersault
if you find the cruise in a piece of carrot cake
if you find the cruise in a tapas bar
the one thing the cruise always is, i think, is sincere
and sincerity
is one of my favourite victories in this lifetime

i mean how much rebellion did i have to experience?
how much fighting did i do?
how many times did i have to ignore my father's inability to emote, how we all ignore our father's inability to emote in our presence?
how much air conditioning did i have to transcend and the comfort that goes along with it?
the comfortable couches, the television, the magnitude of static that surrounds us?
how much daily fighting, infighting, strategising, evading, running did i have to do
for the ability to feel
for the ability to emote
for the simple moments when i feel actual passion

i have dedicated my life to the idiom "i don't know"
and i'm in love with the frantic chaos of this limitless universe.